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With its main editorial offices in Los Angeles, Freedom magazine is published in 15 countries and 9 languages. In addition to breaking stories on the enforced drugging of school children, government chemical and biological warfare experimentation, tax agency reform, psychiatric brutalities and more, Freedom has, since founded in 1968, become widely recognized as one of the foremost voices for religious freedom.

A forum for hard-hitting investigative journalism, Freedom has taken on stories that other media have been reluctant to investigate or publish. And as its readership has grown, so has public awareness of areas in need of social reform.

Featured Stories:

Preserving Human Rights for All

The opening of Brussels office makes a milestone in expansion of the Scientology religion in Europe — European officials proclaim it a stride forward for the human rights of all.

“We firmly believe that a threat to the freedom of any one individual is a threat to the freedoms of all.”

These words by Rev. Kurt Weiland, a member of the board of directors of the Church of Scientology International, underscored a core belief underlying the establishment of the Church‘s new European Office for Public Affairs and Human Rights in the heart of Brussels, near the European Parliament and European Commission.

Celebrities Sing Out for Charity
Thirty thousand newly-raised pounds in contributions are today being put to...
Saying “No!” to Drugs Brings Happier Lives UK-wide
Church volunteers are working to prevent youth from starting on drugs in the first place

Freedom Around the World
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Preserving Human Rights for All
Preserving Human Rights for All
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Time to Proclaim Peace

Our troubled world cries out today for the urgent implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its provisions for tolerance, human rights and peace. It is a time when religion and religious communities must retake the fore and, with the Declaration in hand, simply proclaim the goal of all-out peace and reinforce progress toward that objective daily.

Ah, you might contend, but isn‘t religion itself the subject of discussion, critical consideration and conflict today? Just strike up a conversation about religion and you may soon see how a murmur of intolerance can all too easily turn into a roar; you might also find yourself joining the fray.

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