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Psychiatry: The Big Con
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Jive Aces Hit North America

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At the National Children’s Hospital in Washington D.C. (above): one of a number of charity performances included in the tour. The Jives’ transport attracted interest: the Americans had never seen a London double-decker before.

Britain’s top jump jive band tours U.S. and Canada
veryone who has seen the Jive Aces perform, heard their CDs on the radio or seen their act on television knows this is one band with virtually boundless energy — and massive audience appeal. “My whole family, my grandparents, even my pets love the Jives,” proclaimed one fan. “We all go out to catch them when they play.”

     And no wonder. The Jives are not only at the top of their form, as evidenced by their new CD “Bolt from the Blue,” but also more popular than ever. One reason: Their recent tour of the United States and Canada, reached millions from Toronto to Seattle, from Miami to Los Angeles.

     The band toured as part of the “Great Lies Exposed” roadshow, playing atop a double-decker bus promoting the new release of a book on Scientology, scheduled for UK release this in the very near future.

     Hitting some 25 cities in 12 weeks, the tour began in New York city in July with an electrifying performance at the New York Jazz Festival, joined by soul legend Isaac Hayes. The first stop from there was Boston, Massachusetts, where the Jive Aces performed live to 600 people in Boston’s central city square.

     The following day the Jive Aces performed an hour-plus set before an enthusiastic audience at the Boston House of Blues. The manager of this famous club was so impressed that he contacted all other House of Blues clubs in cities around the United States to report on the concert and recommend that they book the Jives as well.

     But the reception being enjoyed by the roadshow wherever it stops is only a small part of the story. Aided by Church volunteers and staff in every city visited, the tour also brought goodwill and helped acknowledge community leaders and contributors in communities wherever they performed.

[ image ]

     In New Haven, Connecticut, the Jives made several presentations of plaques in tribute to local officials, including the Mayor of Waterbury, Connecticut — who then insisted on joining the band on top of the bus, along with his city controller. The band also made presentations to the police chief of Hartford, Connecticut and the president and chairman of the Police Athletic League for their work with children.

     All the events resulted in media attention and the Jives wound up playing numerous appearances on television and radio; their CD also went into regular circulation on local radio stations. And the Waterbury mayor was so impressed by the roadshow that he wanted them to return when he runs for re-election!

Ian and the Jives go to Washington

     Arriving in America’s capital, Washington, D.C., frontman Ian Clarkson and the band visited the Organization of American States, a coordinating body for foreign affairs involving North and South America. The OAS also has a radio show which reaches millions on both continents. The band was interviewed by the show’s host, interspersed with tracks from the Jives’ new CD — and minutes later the lads were in concert before hundreds of children, doctors, nurses and parents at the Washington Children’s Hospital, a regular venue for major charity events led by Hillary Rodham Clinton and other dignitaries. The hugely successful performance led to the Jives appearing on one of the city’s largest radio shows.

     And this is only a taste of what happened in cities across North America — and what is yet to come in the UK. “It has been a blast,” says vocalist Ian Clarkson. “The audiences have been great everywhere. I think jump jive may be an international language. We’ll see as we take this show on the road to even more exotic destinations.”

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