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‘Filling the Moral Vacuum’
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[Freedom: The Voice of the Church of Scientology in Britain]

A few-mile walk from almost any home or establishment today will bring one face to face with some aspect of our increasing social failings — crime, drugs, illiteracy, immorality, racism and intolerance chief among them.

That decline will never be reversed by individual government offices, churches, community groups or well-meaning citizens acting alone. It will take the combined efforts of all of them.

The obvious requisite for such co-action is tolerance, which opens the door to understanding and to the needed cooperation that allows groups and individuals of all faiths to work side by side to solve the real problems of society.

For that reason we elected a cover story that highlights an international religious conference held recently in the U.K., one that the Church of Scientology co-sponsored with other religious organizations, with the theme of “Filling the Moral Vacuum.” We hope you will find the news of this historic conference as elevating as we found it was to be a part of it.

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