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Celebrities Sing Out for Charity

Celebrity entertainment headlined the Charity concert (top) that raised £30,000 for UK charities. Stars included master of ceremonies Judy Norton (The Waltons); rock legend Edgar Winter; jazz diva Elena Roggero; Latin crooner Angelo Pagan (top); swing band The Jive Aces (right, bottom), with the Mayor of Newtown, Wales, Cllr. Mrs. Val Howard and her husband. L. Ron Hubbard Foundation Director, Bob Keenan and Judy Norton, present £10,000 cheques to East Grinstead Mayor Beverly Heasman for the Town Mayor‘s disabled citizens charity (center); Ms. Caroline Short representing the Honeypot charity for under-privileged children (right, centre) and Mr. James Brumer and Cllr. Morel D‘Souza, Mayor of Maidstone representing the Cobham Manor‘s disadvantaged youth programme (left, bottom).
Thirty thousand newly-raised pounds in contributions are today being put to work in an underprivileged children‘s charity, a riding and horse care programme for disadvantaged youth and aid for East Grinstead‘s disabled, thanks to proceeds raised at this year‘s annual Gala Charity Concert.

The L. Ron Hubbard Foundation organised the charity concert on the grounds of the Saint Hill Manor, with a host of international music and entertainment celebrities headlining the show. Thirty mayors and deputy mayors were among the 650 guests greeted by the evening‘s master of ceremonies, Judy Norton, best known for her starring role as Mary Ellen in the television series, The Waltons. Rock legend Edgar Winter, Italian jazz diva Elena Roggero, the “Latin Frank Sinatra,” Angelo Pagan, and the U.K.‘s top swing band, The Jive Aces, accompanied by the Church of Scientology International‘s Golden Era Musicians, brought the crowd to its feet throughout the night.

And, bringing cheer to charities deserving of public and private support, were the £10,000 in donations received by the Honeypot charity for under-privileged children, the Maidstone-based Cobham Manor riding and horse care programme for disadvantaged youth, and East Grinstead Mayor Beverly Heasman‘s Town Mayor‘s Charity Fund, which has earmarked the donation for social services for the West Sussex town‘s disabled.

Mr. Bob Keenan of the L. Ron Hubbard Foundation presented the £10,000 cheques to these charities, on behalf of L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology‘s founder, who resided at Saint Hill in the 1960s and regularly contributed to local charities and took part in community events.

After the presentation to the East Grinstead Mayor‘s charity, Cllr Heasman said, “I was speechless. There are so many charities for disabled people in East Grinstead that I want to help and this money will go a long way towards it. I know it will be put to good use.”

For a calendar of upcoming charitable events, or to enquire as to the availability of Saint Hill‘s 600-seat Great Hall for charity functions, contact the Community Affairs Director c/o Church of Scientology at Saint Hill, Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 4JY. Tel: 01342 318 229.

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