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Saying “No!” to Drugs Brings Happier Lives UK-wide

Church volunteers are working to prevent youth from starting on drugs in the first place

Scientologists conduct tens of thousands of anti-drug events each year under the “Say No To Drugs” banner—reaching hundreds of thousands each month.
Headlines shout out daily to every corner of the UK and Ireland. Drug abuse and related criminality are ripping apart our social fabric: “Fears Over Rising Ecstasy Toll As Cost Of Drug Falls To £1” (Daily Mail), “Crack Cocaine Leading To UK Crime Upsurge” (Belfast Telegraph) and “Britain Hit By A Theft Every 3.7 Seconds; Shopkeepers Under Siege” (Sunday Express).

Scientologists are aware that the increasing rates of crime, illiteracy and violence are manifestations of an underlying spiritual decay that must be arrested or these will eventually destroy our societies. Members of the Church of Scientology throughout the British Isles are active in a wide array of activities within their communities, primary among them programmes that help people, young and old, to understand the harmful effects of drugs and cope with the underlying problems of living that drive many to drug and alcohol dependency.

Discoveries Bring Drug-Free Lives to Millions

The Scientology community‘s commitment to a drug-free world begins at a personal level. Amid the sea of chemical “solutions” to the problems of living, one group has remained 100 percent drug-free* — members of the Church of Scientology. Scientologists use neither street drugs nor any of the dangerous mind-altering pharmaceuticals pushed as a solution to everything from depression to being overweight.

Scientology is based on the research and writings of author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, who spent more than half a century researching basic truths about the mind and spirit. Deeply concerned about the drug problem and its destructive societal effects, the Church and its members have worked for five decades to help resolve the problem by providing to all who seek them the real and workable solutions developed by L. Ron Hubbard – ways of freeing the individual from the debilitating physical and spiritual effects of drug use. Today millions of Scientologists around the world attest to the workability of these methods.

Mr. Hubbard‘s discoveries are also effectively used in the secular world. Narconon (meaning “no drugs“) is a drug rehabilitation and drug education programme that is independent of the Churches of Scientology, but supported by Scientologists around the world. Its more than 70 facilities in 29 countries offer a unique, drug-free means for addicts to overcome their dependence on drugs and to live a life totally free of drug cravings. As well, Narconon‘s drug prevention specialists have reached hundreds of thousands of children with the truth about drugs through lectures and drug education events.

Saying “NO!” from Brighton to Belfast

Drug prevention is also the focus of the Church of Scientology-sponsored Say “NO!” to Drugs, Say “Yes” to Life Association. In the last three years this association‘s volunteers have distributed more than a million highly informative booklets throughout the British Isles, while more than seven million copies have been distributed across Europe. The information in these booklets can be used by anyone to combat drugs with the most effective ammunition there is: facts. Available in 13 languages are booklets with facts about cannabis, ecstasy, cocaine and heroin.

Additionally, Scientologists conduct tens of thousands of anti-drug events each year under the “Say No To Drugs” banner—reaching hundreds of thousands each month.

“Drugs continue to consume more youth at younger and younger ages, claim more lives and underscore more crime each year,” says Graeme Wilson, spokesperson for the “Say No to Drugs, Say Yes to Life” campaign in the UK. “A concerted drug education effort must be made, with the goal of actual prevention in our schools with real education about the dangers of drugs. This is a massive undertaking, but one that must be sustained at every level of our youth until the drug epidemic is literally educated out of existence, and drug-free, responsible adults can stay the course from there.”

For more information on the Say “NO!” to Drugs, Say “Yes” to Life campaign, or to receive copies of these publications, contact 01342 318 229 or e-mail

* Scientologists are not opposed to the use of medical drugs and antibiotics for the treatment of physical conditions.

Drug Education Booklets Now Available

Cocaine: A Deadly Road to Personal Ruin – The truth about one of the oldest and most dangerous drugs known to man.

Heroin: Death In Blood – The most deadly and addictive drug: its history, how it affects the addict and why.

Cannabis: The Truth About Joints – Propaganda that marijuana is “not as bad” as other drugs is false.

Ecstasy: The Traitor Exposed – The “new” drug is not new at all; its dangers have been documented for decades.

To obtain copies of booklets phone 01342 318 229

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