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The Voice of the Church of Scientology Since 1968
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  • Issue 3 – The People of Secret Lives Merchants of Chaos

    A Story of Hatchet Wielding Television

    “Media ethics” is a bankrupt oxymoron. With its latest display of sensational irresponsibility, Channel 4 TV has completed its initiation into the world of tabloid journalism.

    “If you don’t leave, I’ll have to call the police.”

    With intrusive paparazzi and relentless media hounds of late even more unpopular than usual, a call for police assistance from someone feeling “harassed” by an interviewer may not seem out of the ordinary. In this case, there is a difference: The man protesting the “intrusion” was television producer Simon Berthon. Contents

  • Issue 2 – Psychiatry: The Big Con

    Posing as the “mental health” branch of “medical science,” psychiatry is a fraud. Electric shock and drugs destroy lives while “new ideas” from psychologists ruin education, religion and families. Contents

  • Issue 1 – Charitable Efforts Benefit Community

    Scientologists constitute one of the world’s most effective organisations in the battle against social ills—including drug abuse, crime and illiteracy—and have received broad public acclaim for their work.

    But they are also involved in untiring efforts in all walks of life to assist their communities and people in need through a broad range of charitable events and activities. These play an equally important role in community betterment. Contents

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